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Pentium 520J

This is a used Intel Pentium 4 CPU / Processor for Socket LGA 775 motherboards. Tested and found to be in good working condition. CPU is in good condition and is guaranteed to arrive in working order. Please ensure compatibility before purchasing.

General information
Type CPU / Microprocessor
Family Intel Pentium 4
Processor number 530J
Part number JM80547PG0801M
Frequency (GHz) 3
Bus speed (MHz) 800
Clock multiplier 15
Package type 775-land FC-LGA4
Socket type Socket 775 (LGA775)
Architecture / Microarchitecture / Other
Core stepping E0
Qualification sample Q09X
Previous stepping SL7J6
Processor core Prescott
Manufacturing technology (micron) 0.09
L2 cache size (KB) 1024
Features Execute disable bit
Extended Halt state
Hyper-Threading technology
Core voltage (V) 1.287 – 1.4
Case temperature (?C) 67.7
Hyper-Threading Y
Notes on sSpec SL7PU
  • Microprocessors with this S-Spec have multiple VIDs.
  • The parts are available starting from October 1, 2004
  • Changes in E0 stepping: Execute disable bit, additional power management features.