AMD Athlon 1600+ Palomino AX1600DMT3C


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This is a used AMD Athlon Palomino AX1600DMT3C processor for Socket A (462) motherboards. Item was tested and fully working and is guaranteed against DOA. CPU booted and posted correctly to BIOS. These processors have nice straight pins and may have left-over paste residue from previous installations. Great for project system or to upgrade that older system. Actual processor is pictured. Please ensure compatibility before purchasing.

General information
Type CPU / Microprocessor
Market segment Desktop

AMD Athlon XP

Model number 1600+
CPU part number
  • AX1600DMT3C is an OEM/tray microprocessor
Frequency 1600+ (rated)
1400 MHz (real)
Bus speed 266 MHz
Clock multiplier 10.5
Package 453-pin organic PGA
1.95″ x 1.95″ (4.95 cm x 4.95 cm)
AMD Package number 27111
Socket Socket A (Socket 462)
Introduction date 9-Oct-01
Price at introduction $160
Architecture / Microarchitecture
Microarchitecture K7
Processor core Palomino (Model 6)
Manufacturing process 0.18 micron copper process
Die size 129.26mm2 (total)
105.72mm2 (without L2 cache)
Data width 32 bit
The number of CPU cores 1
The number of threads 1
Floating Point Unit Integrated
Level 1 cache size 64 KB code
64 KB data
Level 2 cache size Full-speed on-die 256 KB
Multiprocessing Uniprocessor
  • MMX instructions
  • Extensions to MMX
  • 3DNow! technology
  • Extensions to 3DNow!
  • SSE / Streaming SIMD Extensions
Low power features
  • Halt state
  • Stop Grant states
  • Sleep state
  • Probe state
Integrated peripherals / components
Integrated graphics None
Electrical / Thermal parameters
V core 1.75V
Minimum/Maximum operating temperature 0°C – 90°C
Minimum/Typical/Maximum power dissipation 2 Watt (Stop Grant mode) / 56.3 Watt / 62.8 Watt
Notes on AMD Athlon XP 1600+ (Palomino)
  • Actual bus frequency is 133 MHz. Because the processor uses Double Data Rate bus the effective bus speed is 266 MHz.